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Beard Lights For A Festive Christmas Beard

By November 11, 2020No Comments

Beard lights are a festive way to decorate your facial hair for the holidays. In addition to the popular beardaments which are basically beard ornaments, these are lights that you can use in your beard. The bells come in several different holiday colors. Each light comes with an attached clip so that you can easily put them in or take them out of your beard.

This is a great idea for men to wear to Christmas or holiday parties. They also are great if you are going to an ugly Christmas sweater party. While they are intended for men, a lot of women will wear these in their hair.

Some are individual pieces, and each one uses a clip to attach to your beard, and there are also string LED lights that you run through your beard. If you want to go all out, you can also glitter your beard for an extreme showing of Christmas spirit.

DecoTiny Beard Lights

Beard Lights

This beard light set by DecoTiny includes 8 lights for your facial hair, and some jingle bells as well. Each bauble lights up, and there are 3 colors in each one. The batteries can be easily replaced in each one, and the light set comes with extra batteries. If you want to get some lights for your beard along with the sound of jingling bells, then this is a great set to have. This will surely turn some heads at your Christmas party.

Zabolight Colorful Beard Lights

Zabolight colorful beard lights

The Zabolight is a LED string light that goes in your beard. This is different than the clip on ornaments as it is just one long led string. This comes with 18 multicolor LED lights that comes in white, red, gree, and blue. These are your standard holiday colors.

The length of the wire is 35 inches (90 cm) so you should be able to decorate it around your facial hair in the style that you want. The lights come with a small battery pack with an on/off switch. It does not flicker, and the lights are either on or off. It does come with the 2 batteries needed to power the lights.

These lights would make a great stocking stuffer for your bearded man.

Beardaments Beard Lights

beardaments lights

Beardaments are the original light up beard ornaments. This set comes with 16 total pieces which 6 will light up. 3 will light up red, and 3 will light up green. The other 10 pieces are colored gold, silver, green, and red.

This is a more recognized brand for this type of product, as Beardaments was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2019. These are made out of plastic material.

Christmas Beard Lights

Christmas Beard Light

This light set comes with 18 pieces, and 6 of them will light up in festive colors. Each piece comes with a hair clip, and the ones that light up also come with a battery in it. The colors included with the set are red, purple, gold, sliver, green, and blue.

The interesting part of this set is that it comes with 2 bigger lights and 4 smaller beard lights. The manufacturers state that the big ones will last 3-5 hours, and the small ones will last around 8 hours. It also includes extra batteries.


Beard lights are a great way to decorate your facial hair for a Christmas party, an office party, or even an Ugly Christmas Sweater gathering. Some of these kits also include jingle bells and other ornaments for your beard. Either way you go, you will be the hit of the party, and these affordable items will be a hit. Hopefully, you are able to find the perfect set, and they should all work well no matter what length of hair that you have.

James Woods

James Woods

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