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Beard Line Up Styles For An Amazing Look

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For men who want to keep tight lines in their beard, there are three areas that you need to focus on. These are the sideburns, cheeks, and your neck. Your beard is going to grow wild, and you will have some strays. There can be steps taken to clean up your facial hair so that you have some nice edges. For some tips on how to achieve this you can take a look at our article: How To Line Up Your Beard

This will look at some helpful tips to achieve these beard styles, and it reviews a tool for you beard to help shape it to get nice straight edges.

Let’s take a look at some top beard line up styles.

Line Up Styles For Beards

Rounded Beard Lines

If you have a rounded face, then you can put curved lines in your beard. This is an example of how you can edge your cheeks, mustache, and chin. This style does not have straight edges, but it features rounded out edges that match his face.

rounded beard lines

Hockey Stick Style

This look comes from the curved lines on the cheeks in addition to the straight edges on the sideburns. You can trim your sideburns down to stubble which will give your beard a heavier and thicker look. You will need a decent angle but not a “L” shape as that will be too much.

hockey stick style beard lines

Curved Beard

curved beard style

The curved beard style is great for guys who can grow a beard high on their cheeks. This allows a subtle curved transition from the sideburns down to the cheeks. This just requires a trimmer to follow along your natural beard lines that are high on your face.

Quarter Moon Beard Lines

Moon shape beard lines

The transition from his beard up to his hairline show a curve that gets closer the higher it goes. A short haircut close to the scalp helps to define the beard here which allows you to see the lines that run from the beard to the head.

Straight Edge Beard

man with a straight edge beard style

The straight edge beard is a great style for men who have a high hairline. This allows for a long straight line for your sideburns that transition into a 45 degree angle at the cheek.

Funnel Beard Style

funnel beard lines

This beard style looks like an upside down funnel. The straight lines on each side of the beard taper outward. One goes down the back to the neck, and the other goes down at an angle on the cheek. Notice the goatee and mustache do not connect which allows for a longer line down the cheek.

The Diagonal Beard Line

diagonal beard lines

To achieve this beard style you will need to run a tight diagonal line from your chin up to a point by your ear. You will also need a straight line down your sideburns to a point on your neck beard. This is similar to the hockey puck style except for narrow pointy sideburns.

The Circle Beard

circle beard

For this beard style you basically need to draw a circle on your beard and hairline. There is a slight angle at the chin, and this is a good look for guys with a round face and short hair where you can see your forehead.

Narrow To Thick

man with beard

This is a great style for men who can grow a full beard on their cheeks. A lot of guys get patchy on their face, but if you have a lot of follicle growth here, then you can get this look. You need to edge a long straight line down the back side of your sideburns, and on your cheeks keep a curve as high as you can get it. Make sure not to trim too far down, or you will remove the fullness of the look.

The L-Shaped Bead

man with L shaped beard

This beard style requires you to have a thin beard, but not quite what we call a chinstrap beard. You will need to trim off or shave most of your beard on your cheeks. Then you will need to make a tight angle at the bottom of your sideburns. It will be close to a 90 degree angle. Once it reaches your mustache, then you can round out your facial hair there.

The J-Shaped Beard

J shaped beard

The get this look you will need to trim a straight line down from the edge of your hair to mid-cheek. Once at your cheek, you will need to make a slight curve in your facial hair to get a J shape.

Single Cheek Line

normal bearded man

For this style, you will need one line down your cheeks, but you will not trim or edge your sideburns going down into the beard hair on your neck. This allows you to have sort of an ungroomed and fuller look on your beard, but you will still have a clean edge on your cheek.

The Standard Style For Beard Lines

Standard beard

This is the most common beard style. This look has short sideburns that slowly curve into the facial hair on your cheek. For the lines under your chin, there is a gradual curve from the bottom of each sideburn through the neck. There really are no hard angles in this style.

Black Man’s Beard Line Up Styles

Diamond Tip

black man beard lines

For this beard look, you will need a straight line to a point coming up your cheek and up your neck. These two lines will meet and form a point which will look like an upside down diamond.

Thin Mustache Lines

black man beard style

This black beard style features a standard cheek line to a point at the sideburn. It also has a thin mustache which meets the beard at the cheek.

Only Neck Lines

This black man beard line does not include anything trimmed or shaven on the cheeks. You just let it grow naturally, and it does its thing. You will need to trim and edge below your jawline.

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