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Beard Rash From Kissing? 7 Tips For Preventing and Soothing Beard Burn

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beard rash from kissing

Guys, I know you like to be close to your ladies, but the last thing you want is for her to get a beard rash from kissing.  There are tons of blogs and magazine articles where women are discussing this issue.  It is real, and it is a big problem.  It can be embarrassing as well because sometimes the rash can persist for several days.  The great news is this article will help you!

First, you want to prevent it from happening, and second, you need to know how to treat it.  I did some research to learn some tips and tricks on prevention, and I found some great information on how to treat it if your lady gets it.

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What Is Beard Rash From Kissing?

couple kissing with beard

Beard burn also known as “stache rash” is an irritation that is caused by hair rubbing against the skin causing friction.  This occurs when a bearded man kisses a girl.  The can occur anywhere on the body, but it typically occurs on the face and neck.

It can be a bad thing for your girlfriend when you don’t shave for a week or so, and your stubble is getting longer.  While, you may not technically call it a “beard,” it still causes the issue, and it is probably one of the biggest culprits to it.

It can also occur when you have a full on beard.  Whether you are rocking a Duck Dynasty or a Mr. T from Rocky, it can happen.

Let’s not forget about mustaches!  Doing your best Magnum P.I. impersonation can still lead to this issue.  Granted, there is less facial hair surface area, but your mustache can be pretty prickly against the delicate skin of a lady.

How To Treat Beard Rash On Your Girlfriend

So your lady is getting beard rash?  I scoured the internet and read a lot of women’s magazines and blogs to determine what they liked to use.  I have provided some of them below, so it would be a great treat to surprise your girl with a remedy.

According to Self Magazine¹, a great remedy to help soothe the rash is Bert’s Bees Sensitive Night Cream.  You can check out a ton of reviews on amazon.  It’s almost 99% natural, and it has aloe and extracts in it to help.  In addition, it is fragrance free which is a good thing if her face is inflamed.

The most interesting product that I read about was a Konjac Green Tea Sponge.  This sponge has Green Tea in it which is naturally known to help decrease inflammation.  I almost ordered some just from reading the reviews on amazon, and I don’t even have beard rash, although I do have beard and a wife.  Ok, so I just seriously ordered some…..

We are huge advocates of Witch Hazel and Toners, and Thayers Cucumber Toner seems like a great fit for this situation.  It contains aloe, witch hazel, and cucumber extract.  It you fancy a great read on these products we have got you covered with witch hazel aftershave.

According to Allure², women should use a 1% hydrocortisone cream to reduce the inflammation and irritation.  While not as fancy as a concoction of witch hazel with fruit extracts or a sponge with green tea, hydrocortisone is a great anti-inflammatory.  I’m no Dr., so check with a medical professional to see if this Over The Counter cream is a good choice for you.

How To Keep Your Beard From Irritating Your Girlfriend

Gentlemen, these are things that you can do so you don’t have to buy tea sponges and extracts to help reduce the burn.  Most of these are things that you should probably be doing anyway if you have a full beard or if you are growing a beard.  To prevent beard rash, you need to wash your beard, use beard conditioner, and use a high quality natural beard oil or balm.

The goal here is to soften the beard so it does not scratch and cause issues to your significant other’s face.  You also want to keep it soft.  Three things can help do that.

Wash Your Beard

Washing your beard should be something you are doing a couple times a week, and you should be using a product that is designed for your beard/face.  Your facial hair is different from the hair on your head, and nothing beats a good quality beard wash.  Shampoos are usually full of harsh cleansing agents that can strip your beard.

Billy Jealousy is full of high quality ingredients like aloe and green tea extract that will help to condition your beard.

Another option is Jack Black Beard Wash.  The Jack Black brand has been a staple for male grooming over the last few years.

Condition Your Beard

While beard washes do a better job at not stripping away too many natural oils from your beard, they still do it.  After all, that is the purpose of soap.

Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner is loaded with hair and skin nourishes ingredients like aloe, argan oil, and mango butter.  This product was designed to not only target your beard hair but your hair follicles and pores which is exactly what you need.  It comes in 3 scents if you like variety, and who doesn’t?

Use Beard Oils or Balms

Not only have beard oils become #trendy, but they actually serve a purpose.  They help to keep your beard conditioned throughout the day, they help deodorize your beard, and well, they are trendy.  These will keep your beard conditioned all day, and if you have an evening planned with your significant other, grab one that has a pleasing scent for her, and she will enjoy getting close to your beard.

When choosing a beard oil, try to grab one that is all natural that uses essential oils for scent.  You can use unscented, but the point is, if you want scented, get one scented with essential oils and not synthetic fragrances.

Badger Beard Oil just smells incredible to me and a plus is the fact that it is 100% organic and natural.  Did I mention how good it smells.  It has a little bit of spice and some earthiness to it.  It is freaking incredible smelling.  YMMV though.  Oh, and it conditions well too.

Baddass Beard Oil is all natural and they have a ton of scents to choose from.  It is offered on amazon and there is a scent chart listed with all of the options that are offered.  It works great, and if you like to choose scents, this is the product for you.

If you are interested in using beard oils and balms together, we have you covered.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are trying to soothe beard rash from kissing, or if you are trying to prevent it, we hope that you found this information helpful.  I even learned about green tea sponges doing research on this.  If you have any questions or comments, please provide them below.  If you want to read about treating your own beard itch with coconut oil, we have something for that too.


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