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Best Ways To Fix And Improve A Patchy Beard

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How To Fix A Patchy Beard

For many guys, growing a beard for the first time can be frustrating. During the first few months, one of the most common questions is how can I fix my patchy beard. The best ways to fix this are waiting, diet, hydration, and grooming.

Most people jump right into beard vitamins, but this is not a miracle cure.

I know men probably want a quick way to remedy this problem, but there is not one. However, we can offer some helpful advice that will get you on the right track.

The first thing you need to understand is what causes patchy beards.

What Causes A Patchy Beard


The main thing that causes a patchy beard is genetics. There really is not much you can do about this. Just take a look around, and you will see what we are talking about. Having a patchy beard is not bad though because you can shape your beard around it. One example of this is Keanu Reeves beard. He is an extremely successful person, and he cannot grow a thick massive beard. He was able to work with it, and now his beard has become iconic for his roles like in John Wick.

You can see a senior in high school with a full mane that looks to good to be real, and then you can turn around and see a grown man with a splotchy beard that does not look full.

There may be good news after all though. Genetics also can determine when you can grow a beard and how good it is.

What this means is you may not be happy with your beard in your 20’s but in your 30’s you may be able to grow a thick and luscious full beard.

While genetics play the biggest factor, there are other things that can cause improper beard growth. Anxiety, stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise are a few of them.

Anxiety, Stress, Diet, And Other Factors

Have you ever seen one of those before and after photos of someone who drank 10 soft drinks a day and then switched only to water. It’s amazing how much better they look. Their skin looks matte and wrinkled on sodas and tight and shiny when hydrated on water.

So think about how that can affect your beard patches. Your body is mostly water, so being constantly dehydrated is not good for your skin or your beard. This may lead to it not growing in as well as it could. In addition, a dry and brittle beard that is not hydrated can break off easily. Considering what you are trying to accomplish, this is not a good thing.

Stress can also cause issues with hair and beards. Think of any President before and after their term. The before and after photos are shocking. This is also not good for your beard.

Vitamins and Minerals are essential for hair and beard growth, and the best source of natural vitamins are fruits and vegetables.

Processed foods are not the best for your beard patches either. If you are eating this kind of junk food all the time, you are probably shorting yourself of vegetables and fruit which contain the stuff your hair needs.

Now, let’s take a step back here. You can’t just start eating vegetables, working out, and drinking more water daily and all of a sudden you have a masterful beard with no spots. That’s not how it works.

Again, genetics are the primary reason for your beard, but doing all the other little things can help you have a better looking and more healthy looking beard.

Groom Your Beard

One of the best things you can do is to groom your beard. Basically, we mean clean yourself up.

Trim it, shape it, and hydrate it. Doing this things will make it look better.

Seriously, how many beautiful super models have you seen with crappy looking hair? Zero, because they take care of their hair like you should take care of your beard.

Now, we are not saying you need to go spend hundreds of dollars on beard care and hair care products, but a small investment in some combs, brushes, oils, and balms will do wonders for your beard.

In order to keep your beard hydrated, we recommend beard oils and beard balms. We like Badass Beard Oil which can be purchased on Amazon. Click on the image and you will see all the great reviews.

This beard oil can be applied once a day in the morning, and it will keep your beard conditioned most of the day. In addition, they have some incredible scents. This will also help dry skin under your beard.

If oil is not your thing, you can also get a beard balm.

This is a solid form of a beard conditioner.

It is also helpful to get a beard brush or comb. Beard combs are great for shorter beards, and brushes are good for longer ones.

Shape It

At some point, you may realize that you cannot grow a thick full beard. This may be due to your age or your genetics. But, at some point, you may just have to deal with it.

If that is the case, you can shape your beard to help hide your patchy beard spots.

You can grow a thick goatee, but maybe trim down your beard around the patchy parts.


You could trim your beard down to some scruff.


Improve Your Lifestyle And Diet

As we mentioned, your lifestyle can determine a little on how your beard grows and develops. It is important that you consider all things in your life if you want to grow a majestic full beard.

There are many ways that you can go about improving your lifestyle to improve beard growth.

Drink lots of water and cut out the sodas. A hydrated beard will not only feel better, it will look more healthy. If you are trying to hide patchy spots, this is one way to help it.

Eat better. It really is that simple. Cut out the refined sugar and processed foods.

Exercise can also improve your beard. Hormones create beard growth, and exercising will stimulate and produce more hormones.

We will remind you again that improving your lifestyle will not all of a sudden remove your patchy beard and replace it with Duck Dynasty, but if you are looking for every possible advantage, this can help.


When it comes to fixing a patchy beard, there is not much that you can do if genetics are not on your side. But remember, you may be able to grow a better beard at a later age, especially if you are in your teens and twenties.

Hopefully, we provided some things that could help, and a couple of ways that you can style your beard around your patches.

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