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Captain Price Beard Style

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Captain Price Beard Style

Captain Price has one of the most epic beard styles in gaming. Fans of Modern Warfare are familiar with John Price and his beard. For years, this iconic video game character has impressed everyone. He has shown many looks over the years. From clean shaven to a full beard and mustache.

We will learn more about this character and his beard styles.

Who Is Captain Price

Captain Price, or John Price, is a fictional character in the Modern Warfare franchise. He is a British special forces sniper. He is famous for his look which includes a beanie hat and an incredible beard.

Because of his cool look, many people want to understand what type of beard he has.

What Is The Captain Price Beard Called

Captain Price’s beard is called Mutton Chops. This is because it has long bushy sideburns that also includes facial hair on the cheeks. He also has a thick mustache that connects to the cheeks. What makes this unique is the bushy facial hair except for the chin and Soul Patch.

Captain Price beard

How Do I Get A Captain Price Beard Style

If you want to get a Mutton Chop beard like Captain Price, here is a step by step guide:

  1. Grow a full beard. It will be difficult to trim this beard style starting out. You need to make sure that you do not trim it much during growth. You will need to get thick hair on your cheeks.
  2. Make sure that your mustache connects to your beard. It has to be thick and reach all the way down.
  3. Once your beard is full, you can start shaping it. Your beard hair needs to be at least 1 inch long on your cheeks. You can do a shorter beard, but it does not look as good.
  4. Use a beard trimmer to shave off the hair on your neck. You can use a #2 guard if you want to leave some stubble there. Trim it all the way to the bottom of your jawline.
  5. Get your beard trimmer and remove any guard that you have on it. You will want to get very short stubble for your chin. Trim a horseshoe shape on your chin. Make sure to leave the Soulpatch under your bottom lip. Leave a line on the bottom of your chin to connect to your cheeks.
  6. Add a #2 or #3 guard to your beard trimmer. This will depend on how thick the facial hair is on your cheeks. Trim down the bottom hair line on your chin. Do not trim it all the way down to stubble with no guard on. It needs to be longer, but not as long as the hair on your cheeks.
  7. To make it official you can add the beanie hat.
Captain Price Mutton Chops

History Of His Beard Styles

Captain Price’s beard styles have changed over the game series. He has had multiple looks to him. Here is a rundown of all his different looks.

The Original

Here is how Price looked in original game.

original captain price with mustache

Long Mustache

Here he is with a long mustache and a stubble beard.

Captain Price mustache

Full Beard

This is the full beard style with the bonnie hat.

Captain Price with a full beard in Modern Warfare

Captain Price Without A Beard

Captain Price has also been without a beard in the Modern Warfare franchise. Here is a picture of Captain Price when he has no beard.

Captain Price without a beard
Captain Price with no beard

Here is a side by side comparison of Capt. Price with a beard vs. no beard

Captain Price beard vs no beard
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