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Does Shaving Make A Beard Grow Faster

By September 19, 2018February 10th, 2023No Comments

One of life’s greatest mysteries is does shaving make a beard grow faster?  This myth has been around forever, and most people do not really think hard on this question.  Many people think that when your beard starts to grow in, you start shaving it, and the next thing that happens is your facial hair starts to grow more and more.  It works this way because you really only start shaving once your beard starts growing.

Shaving does not make a beard or facial hair grow faster.  It also does not make your hair grow back thicker.  We will dissect this myth, and we will take a look at why so many people misunderstand this.  Shaving also does not make hair on your body grow back faster either.

When we start shaving, it is generally for a reason.

Most men will start shaving their beard when they hit puberty, and it is at this time that hormones are changing, and facial hair is starting to grow.  The normal thing to do at this point is to shave it.  Well, guess what?  It will grow back, and as young men age, they will develop into adults, and their facial hair will naturally grow faster, up to a certain point of course.  They may want to train their beard to grow faster, but that is not going to happen.

Your beard hair will grow at the same rate whether you are shaving it off or not.  If you want to understand more about hair and growth, this book will help out.

Think about it this way, if shaving did make your hair grow back faster, you would need to shave more frequently over the course of your life.

Let’s say you are an eighteen year old male, and you have heavy stubble every morning you wake up at 7 AM.  If you shave it off, will it grow back faster?  Will you have to start shaving it at 4 AM when you are 20 because all of the shaving you did made it grow back faster?  Well, of course not.

Does Shaving Make Beard Hair Thicker

Shaving does not make beard hair thicker.  When you shave, the razor cuts the hair very close to the skin, and it may appear that the hair is thicker.

If it did work, people with patchy beards would just need to shave over and over again to improve their problems.

The base of your hair follicle is thick, and as your beard hair grows it thins out a little due to wear.  So, when you shave your beard, the thicker base of the follicle is what you see and feel.  As this grows it will thin out a little due to natural wear and tear.

Your beard did not grow back faster or thicker, but you may be comparing the thicker base to the worn out thinner tip.

The rate at which your beard hair grows is controlled under your skin, and what you do to your hair above your skin has no effect on it.


The myth has been busted that shaving does not make your beard hair grow back faster, and it does not make it grow back thicker.

James Woods

James Woods

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