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Why Put Shaving Cream On Your Glasses

By April 23, 2020June 6th, 2020No Comments
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People are putting shaving cream on their glasses to stop them from fogging up. Yes, that’s right, shaving cream actually prevents fog from sticking to you glasses!

This is helpful in colder climates, especially if you are wearing a mask.

When wearing a mask, air from your mouth can travel out the top of your mask, and the warm air and humidity can fog up your cooler glasses.

As anyone who wears glasses knows, just going from a warm indoor location to the cold air can cause this happen.

This is basically ambient heat and humidity at work. Going from a hot place to a cold place or vice versa causes water vapor to stick to your glasses. We also call this fog on our glasses.

How Does Shaving Cream Keep Your Glasses From Fogging Up

foggy glasses

So how does this actually work? It’s really quite simple.

The soap ingredients in shaving cream leaves a small layer or film on the glass. This keeps the condensation from sticking.

To use shaving cream on your glasses, simply take a little bit and put it on your glasses. Then using a microfiber cloth that won’t scratch your lenses, wipe down your glasses. That’s it!

You can also use soap, but shaving cream is a little easier to apply and remove. Soap is a little messy for this.

Which Shaving Cream To Put On Your Glasses

The best shaving cream to use is the standard white foam inexpensive shaving cream in a aerosol can.

The gels can also be used, but you have to work those into a lather first, and are a little messy for such a simple task.

Honestly, the best one to use is what you already have in your house, but the standard cool whip like foam is the easiest and least expensive.

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