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Wolverine Beard Style – How To Get The Look

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Wolverine Beard

How To Get The Wolverine Beard Style

Wolverine Beard

Nathan Rupert via Flickr

In 2000, when X-Men arrived on the big screen, actor Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine beard style became iconic.  He followed up with 8 more movies ending with Logan in 2017.  Over the years this beard style has become increasingly popular, and it made its way from Hollywood to pop culture.  It is so popular, it has it’s own nickname.  Whether you are at a Halloween party, COMICON, or a cosplay event, you are sure to see this beard, the spiked hair, the white t-shirt, and the blades on the hands.

The Wolverine Beard is a combo of a full beard with mutton chops depending on which Marvel X-Men movie you are viewing.  The mustache is shaved off except for the facial hair that connects the chin to the cheek.  The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, makes it look great due to his hair and ripped physique.  There are some variations to the Wolverine Beard Style based on which movie you are watching, but mutton chops are a main component of his facial hair.

Whether you are at a cos-play event, a Halloween party, or even a showing of the movie, wolverine facial hair is bound to be everywhere you turn.  This iconic beard look will be forever ingrained in pop culture history.

The Wolverine Look

What exactly is the Wolverine beard look, and how do I achieve it?  This look involves growing a full beard along with a specific haircut.  You don’t have to go with the hair style, but you definitely have to rock the badass facial hair for any chance of pulling it off.

We will provide tips on how to achieve this.  Hopefully, our tutorial will help you achieve the look you are going for.  Also, the look works so much better if you have a full set up including his style of clothes and the claws.

Wolverine Facial Hair

Wolverine Beard Style:  Hugh Jackman

The first step is to grow a full beard if you don’t already have one.  This will help you achieve the Wolverine facial hair look.  You may have one that matches your body type.  This may take you 2 months, 4 months, or longer.  It will depend on your genetics and age.  I mean, if you are 16, you probably will need to order a beard kit.  If you can pull this facial hair wonder off at 16, you have incredible beard genetics.

Next, you will need a beard trimmer to remove your mustache.  You don’t want to shave it completely bare with a safety razor.  You have to leave a little stubble for the look.  This way you will have a little facial hair.

Also, it is very important that you leave a little bit of your mustache that connects to your beard.  The wolverine beard picture above will show Hugh Jackman’s face close up, and you can see that part of his grows up towards his upper lip then it transitions into his mustache stubble.

Then, you will take your trimmer and make a cut straight down the center of your chin.  Again, not trying to go for a baby smooth shave here.  You can use a safety razor to shave down your chin where a goatee would be, and then let your stubble grow back here.

For the final chin work, you will need to edge your beard on both sides down into a sharp point.  You will need a trimmer that can edge so that you can get those tight lines.  We recommend the OneBlade.  It is small and it will give you a perfect cut down your chin, and it will allow the detail work that you need for the sharp lines on your chin.

wolverine facial hair

Wolverine Side Burns

These can basically be called Wolverine mutton chops because it is very similar with only a slight variation.

These are basically full sideburns down the cheek without connecting to the mustache or chin hair.

In order to get the look here, you need to let your beard grow naturally, and you do not need to clean up your cheek facial hair to make your beard line sharp.  Just let it grow.

You need to make sure that your side burn mutton chops are long, and you can actually use your fingers and hand to fluff them up.  You don’t want to comb it down to make it smooth.

Finally, you need to clean up your neck and set your beard line near your jaw line.

The Wolverine Hairstyle

Well, this is going to be a tough one.  Which haircut are you going for?

The most iconic Wolverine haircut would be from X-Men or X-Men Days of Future Past.

X-Men 3:  The Last Stand had too much hair and First Class had too little.

In X-Men, the sides are styled straight back by using clay, and this make a seamless run from his mutton chops into his scalp.

In Origins, his hair is much longer, and Hugh has a completely different look.  Of course, he is still rocking the badass beard.

In Days, it is similar to the original, except he has a gray patch on each side which gives a more mature, yet tough look.  That is how Hugh Jackman’s facial hair looks in the Origins movie.

The Logan Beard

Logan beard Hugh Jackman

To get the Logan look, you gotta grow that stuff out.  Don’t comb it, don’t brush it, and don’t trim it.  You want shag, and you want to be unruly.

All that said, he pulls it off.  If I showed up to work with that beard, I would be asked to leave, but Hugh, he can pull it off.

In Logan, Hugh Jackman’s hairstyle is like the old man Logan that is depicted in one of Marvel’s comics.

Logan beard style

Hugh Jackman Shaving His Logan Beard


A post shared by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

After filming his final role as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman shared a post on Instagram and Twitter where he shaved off his beard.

He used the hashtag #GoodbyeChops and noted that his wife would be very happy.  What?  She doesn’t like pure awesomeness?

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