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Zinc For Beard Growth

By June 17, 2022No Comments
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When it comes to growing a beard, men will use any advantage that they can get a hold of. Vitamins and supplements are an easy and popular way to stimulate facial hair. Some of the most common vitamins for beard care are Biotin, Vitamin E, and Zinc. You can get these as a stand alone or in a multivitamin.

Typically, most men will get what they need from a normal diet. However, that doesn’t stop guys from trying to squeeze out any advantage that they can. Men take pride in their beards. They want them to look full, thick and healthy.

Eating a normal healthy diet will help to achieve this goal, but you can take vitamins to supplement your eating habits.

There are lots of beard supplements on the market, and most of them contain a great combination of vitamins and minerals to help men. These will typically include all of the popular ones that you read about.

This brings us to the topic of Zinc. Does Zinc work for beard growth?

Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss and it can make hair brittle. Brittle hair is easier to break off. But, what does it do for beard hair?

Let’s review it further to see what it actually does for beard hairs.

Does Zinc Make Facial Hair Grow Better

While low Zinc levels are present in people with hair loss conditions, there is no evidence to suggest that normal men can increase the thickness of their beard by taking Zinc supplements.

Zinc is important for many vital processes, and having low levels are not good for you. It is also essential for hair growth. Zinc defciency is rare, especially in men without any disease that can compromise zinc levels.

How Much Zinc To Improve Beard Growth

The RDA for Zinc in men 19 years and older is 11 mg per day. This level is sufficient for men growing beards. There are no studies showing that loading up on Zinc every day will increase follicle growth or make your beard thick and lush. The evidence shows that a severe deficiency can lead to hair loss and brittle hair. That does not mean taking more will grow your beard.

You can get 100% of the RDA by taking a multivitamin like Men’s One A Day Complete. You can easily get this at any grocery store or online at places like Amazon.

Other Vitamins That Improve Beards

One of the most popular supplements is Biotin. Biotin is thought to improve beard thickness and health. You can review our full article covering the benefits of biotin for beard growth.

Other popular supplements and vitamins are Vitamin E and Boron.

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