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The Bandholz Beard Style

By December 3, 2022December 9th, 2022No Comments
Eric Bandholz beard

One of the newest beard styles around is called the Bandholz beard. This became popular around 2015 when Eric Bandholz became a household name in the beard community. Eric is one of the founders of Beardbrand. This is the beard product company that was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Because he was one of the most nationally recognized faces of the beard community, people referred to his beard style by his last name. He has since shaved his beard and gone to many different styles including just a mustache.

What Is A Bandholz Beard?

A Bandholz beard consists of a rounded beard under the chin along with a Handlebar mustache. The facial hair on the cheeks is very long and extends down below the jawline. It is similar to a Garibaldi beard except that the facial hair on the cheeks is very long. It is named after Eric Bandholz, the owner of Beardbrand.

Bandholz beard style

How To Grow A Bandholz Beard

To get this beard style, you need to grow out your facial hair for about 6 to 7 months. Once it is about 3 to 4 inches below your chin, you will need to use a beard trimmer to round it out. If you can imagine a “U” shape from your left ear lobe to your right ear lobe, then you can visualize the line. This entire U shape should be filled with beard hair.

You also need to have a handlebar mustache that connects to your beard. For Eric’s specific style, you can see that his lips are not visible. There is also not any skin visible on his chin. You will need to be able to get your beard long enough to cover all of that area.

  • Grow your beard to at least 4 inches below your chin.
  • Grow your mustache out so that it extends past your beard line on your cheek.
  • The facial hair on your cheek should get long and go past your jawline several inches.
  • Trim or shape a “U” from one earlobe to the other.
  • Fade your sideburns into your beard
Bandholz beard

How To Maintain A Bandholz Beard

If you want to keep your beard shaped like this, you will need to perform some routine beard maintenance.

Because the Bandholz style is so long, you will need to moisturize your beard almost daily. A good quality beard oil will work. You can check out the beard products at Beardbrand seeing how this article is about his beard.

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