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Beard Oil For Short Beards

By May 22, 2018August 19th, 2021No Comments
beard oil for short beards

Do You Need Beard Oil For Short Beards?

Is it good to use beard oil for short beards?  Generally, yes, it is a good idea to use beard oil for any beard length, including short.  Beard oil provides benefits whether your beard is short because it is growing in or because you keep it short for style.

To learn why beard oil is beneficial for short beards, we first must look at why we would need it.

Itchy Beards

If you are growing in your beard, you may experience itchy beard and flaky beard.  Your follicles produce natural oils that keep your hair moisturized.  As your beard hair gets longer, it does not stay as moisturized.  In addition, your facial hair can curl back into your skin and cause itching.

One other thing to note is the huge increase of bearded men around the holiday season or No Shave November.  This is when wind gets much colder, and cold winds promote dry skin.  Cold windy days on a short beard can cause dry, itchy skin.

If you are not growing in your beard, but you prefer to keep your beard short, many other factors can contribute to itchy beard.  Your hydration level, weather, stress, etc., can all affect your hair and skin.  All of these things can help promote itchy beard.

Beard Dandruff

Dandruff is very common on the scalp.  It can also occur in short beards.

Everyone’s skin contains a fungi called Malassezia.  It is common around your oil glands on your scalp and face.  Without getting too technical, the Malassezia eats oil from your sebaceous glands and then leaves behind an irritant that makes your skin flake.

Lack of washing your short beard can also cause beard dandruff.  Oil and dead skin cells can build up if not washed away.  That is why you should wash your beard 2 to 3 times per week.  It helps to exfoliate your skin and it washes away your dead skin cells.

Benefits of Beard Oil for Short Beards

There are many benefits of using beard oil, even for shorter beards.  Amazon offers a variety of beard oils.

If you use beard oil, it will help your beard become less tangled, and it will be easier to use a beard brush.  If you are growing in your beard, a brush is a must have because it will help train your hairs to grow the direction one want them to.  Unless you are going for a scraggly look, beard oil and a beard brush will help.  This brush and comb set on amazon is a great start.

Beard oil will keep the skin on your face moisturized which will help reduce itchy beard.

Beard oil will also help reduce split ends.  Split ends can make your hair feel rough, and it can make your short beard hair look messy.


Beard oil is great for short beards, and it provides benefits whether you are rocking a short beard, or if you are growing in your beard.

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James Woods

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