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Handlebar Mustache

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man with handlebar mustache and beard

A mustache is a signature look for most men who wear one. The most recognized style is the Handlebar mustache. This is due to its nostalgic look that is so appealing. It takes a certain style and bravado to be able to pull one off. It is designed for a man that is concerned about his appearance. You also have to be someone that can take time for a meticulous grooming routine.

While it looks classy and stylish, it is not often that you see one on a man in the corporate world.

If you want to look like Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York or Rollie Fingers in the 70’s, then we can guide you how to style your mustache like them.

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What Is A Handlebar Mustache

A Handlebar mustache is a long mustache with curved ends that extend past the corners of the mouth. The ends are usually curved by using a styling agent like mustache wax. The ends will be long enough so that they do not connect to the face. Another name for it is the spaghetti moustache.

man with handlebar mustache

How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

When it comes to growing a mustache, it is all about genetics. How fast you grow one, and how thick it is will depend on your genes. If you have grown a mustache before, then you probably have a good idea of how it will take you to grow one. A handlebar mustache can take 6 months or more to grow. You are going to need at least one inch of facial hair to extend out on each side.

  1. Grow a mustache and do not trim it. You may want to trim and style it, but you need to let it grow long first. The proper style calls for a lengthy mustache that you can twist.
  2. Once it gets long enough, you should comb it every day to help train it to grow in the direction you want.
  3. You can do some trimming as needed over your top lip. This is done to keep it from growing too far over your lip. While trimming here is optional, do not cut any of the length off at the sides.
  4. After several months, you should have a mustache long enough that can be twisted and waxed.

How To Style A Handlebar Mustache

If you are going to style your handlebar mustache, you will need some mustache wax and mustache comb.

  1. Take a dollop of mustache wax in between two fingers. Rub your fingers together to warm up the wax.
  2. Rub your finger lengthwise over your mustache towards each end. This will spread the wax over all your mustache. Start at the center under your nose and work your fingers towards the ends.
  3. Take a mustache comb and comb from the inside toward the tip on each side. This will distribute the wax evenly.
  4. Get more mustache wax on your fingers and warm it up again.
  5. Now, take your fingers on the end of one side of your mustache, and twist your fingers to make a curl. Keep doing this several more times to get the look you want. Repeat for the other side.

Here is a video to help you style:

How To Trim A Handlebar Mustache

While, the handlebar mustache looks amazing, you will have to trim it often to maintain its appearance. This mainly involves keeping it trimmed so that it keeps the shape you want. You will need beard or mustache scissors and a comb. It is not the best idea to use an electric trimmer around your mouth. One bad move and you could lost your precious stache.

  1. Using your scissors, make precise cuts over each side of your top lip to clean up the length here. This is a personal choice on how much you want to cut. You can let it cover your lip entirely or keep it right above. It will still grow, so you will need to cut it from time to time.
  2. The middle part of your mustache is called the philtrum. You can trim straight up here with your beard scissors if you want to. You don’t have to separate the right side from the left if you don’t want to.
  3. After you have trimmed and styled your mustache, look for any long stray hairs that are out of place. These are ones that you cannot control with wax. Take your scissors and trim those down.

Here is a helpful video on how to trim a Handlebar mustache:

Handlebar Mustaches Styles

There are many ways to wear the Handlebar. You can wear it solo with no other facial hair. You can also have it with many other beard styles. The look totally depends on what you want to do and the image you want to project.

We have listed some popular mustache styles below:

Traditional Handlebar Mustache

This is the traditional version. As you can see, the tips are curled up and do not touch the face.

man with handlebar mustache wearing hat and sunglasses

The English Mustache

The English mustache is like the handlebar except the tips are straight instead of curled. You can get as long as you want. The only criteria is that the ends of the mustache are not connected to your face.

English mustache

The Hungarian Mustache

The Hungarian mustache is very thick and dense. It completely covers the upper lip. Of course it has the ends that do not connect to the face. Then ends are also styled upwards.

This is Franz Ferdinand who was famous for his Handlebar mustache.

Franz Ferdinand wearing a Hungarian mustache

The Petite Handlebar Mustache

This is a smaller version. The core principals still apply here though. This is best for men who do not want a long mustache that extends out on their cheeks.

Petit handlebar mustache

With Goatee

For an older look, you can also pair a goatee with a handlebar mustache.

Handlebar mustache with goatee

With Soulpatch

You do not need to only have a handlebar mustache. You can pair it with other beard styles. A goatee is a good choice because it is easy to maintain. You will still maintain the sophisticated and classy look.

man with a handlebar mustache with Soulpatch beard


You can wear your handlebar with any thickness. It can be pencil thin or thick like this gentleman. It is so easy to pair this mustache style with any other types of facial hair.

thick handlebar mustache

Curled Mustache

You can also roll the tips up tightly to form curls in your mustache. This is an example of that style. As you can see, this man has rolled his mustache ends up towards the center on each side.

man with bald head and curled mustache with grey beard


The Imperial mustache is similar to the Handlebar mustache except the tips are very long and curled into circles over the cheeks. This is a unique look that will definitely get you attention.

Long Beard

With this style of mustache you can wear it with any style of beard. Although a long beard does not match up with the well groomed and sophisticated look of the handlebar, it still looks great. You can definitely pair it with any beard.

handlebar mustache with long beard

Horseshoe Mustache Vs. Handlebar

The main difference between a horseshoe mustache and a handlebar is the mustache connects all the way down the skin in a horseshoe shape. The handlebar mustache ends stick out and do not connect to the face.

Horseshoe mustache vs Handlebar mustache

These two mustaches get confused as being the same but they are not.

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