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Soul Patch Beard Style

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man with a soul patch beard

One of the most controversial beard styles is the Soul Patch. The reason is because it comes in so many varieties. In addition to that, most women do not like it.

It is known as a flavor savor beard because the tiny patch of facial hair will catch pieces of food that you can taste later. Yes, that sounds gross.

This beard style has been somewhat popular since the 1940’s, and it seems to fade in and out of popularity. It is not popular, but it has been worn by many attractive celebrities who seem to pull it off.

To learn more about the Soul Patch beard, and to see some examples of this beard style, keep reading.

What Is A Soul Patch

A Soul Patch beard is a small patch of facial hair below the lower lip. It does not connect to any facial hair on the chin like a goatee. Other names for it are a mouche. The name soul patch comes from its roots in jazz and soul music. You had to have a bit of soul in you to wear one.

It can come in a variety of sizes and styles. As long as it is a small patch of facial hair below the bottom lip, it will qualify.

What’s great about it is the ability to integrate it with so many other different beard styles. It works well with goatees, mustaches and full beards.

History Of The Soul Patch

The Soul Patch came to prominence in the 1950’s due to the influence of Jazz music on American culture. It became famous when Dizzy Gillespie started to wear it. Following his lead, many other musicians started wearing the Soul Patch. It became more popular, and it still was popular in the 1960’s. Artists and beatniks became big fans of this facial hair style.

Another popular musician who wore one was Frank Zappa. He even had a Soul Patch in high school. The appeal wore off into the 70’s. It gained traction again in 1980 with the release of the Blues Brothers movie. The characters played by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd featured the Soul Patch. This spurred many guys to copy them, and they grew their own.

The Soul Patch beard style became popular again in the 1990’s due to grunge rock. This was a common beard style on bands like Pearl Jam. It’s popularity flowed over into actors and into the movies. Luke Perry was seen with a Soul Patch in the 1992 movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

What Does A Soul Patch Say About A Man

It takes a certain man to wear a Soul Patch. So what type of man would wear this particular beard style? Here are some traits:

  • He is a minimalist
  • He is artistic
  • He may not be able to grow a full beard
  • He likes unique styles

How To Trim A Soul Patch

One of the easiest beard styles to maintain is the soul patch. To trim this beard style, you need to use an electric trimmer. Cut your facial hair below your bottom lip so that it is not connected to any other facial hair on your chin or cheeks. That is all that it takes.

You can trim it to be a small circular pattern, or you can let it grow longer.

The way you trim and style depends on the exact style of soul patch that you are growing. If you only have the patch and on other facial hair, then you need to you the small attachment on your beard trimmer. Use it to trim any stray hairs.

Here is a video demonstration on how to trim and style a soul patch beard:

6 Soul Patch Beard Styles

1. Soul Patch With Full Beard

For men who want to have a full beard, you can simply disconnect the hair under you lip from your chin hair. Now you have a Soul Patch under your bottom lip.

man with a soul patch with full beard

2. Small Soul Patch Beard Style

Don’t feel like growing a lot of hair under your lip. No problem. Just grow a tiny Soul Patch beard. As long as you can see it, it will qualify.

small soul patch beard style

3. Circle Beard With Soul Patch

Circle beards are becoming more popular. You can wear one with or without a Soul Patch. Here is an example of one with. This is for the guy who likes the Soul Patch style, but does not want to look too Hipster. You can always pair it with a modern beard style like the Circle.

Circle beard with soul patch

4. Handlebar Mustache With Soul Patch

If you are looking for a classy and retro look, then you can grow a Handlebar mustache with your Soul Patch beard. This looks great in a suit. If you need tips on styling a Handlebar mustache, we have you covered.

man with Handlebar mustache and soul patch beard

5. Long Soul Patch Beard

There is no limit on how big or small your patch can be. If you want to grow it long enough to reach the bottom of your chin, then go for it.

Long Soul Patch beard

6. Soul Patch With Mustache And Goatee

One of the more popular styles of the Soul Patch beard is to pair it with a mustache and a goatee. This looks great for men who cannot grow a good beard on their cheeks. It is also an option if you have a patchy beard. As long as you can grow a mustache and some chin whiskers, then you are good.

man smiling with soul patch beard with mustache and goatee
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