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How To Shave Your Back

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How To Shave Your Back

Most men understand how to shave their face, head, and chest, but most guys wonder how to shave their back.  What makes it difficult is lack of view and the inability to reach all parts of your back.

The way to do this is to use a specific product like a Mangroomer Ultimate Pro or a BackBlade 2.0.  These products are designed to reach difficult areas like your back, and they make shaving much easier.  This allows you to shave by yourself.

In addition to those glaring issues, you are also working with skin that is not used to be shaved.  This can cause problems during the shave as well as issues after shaving.  You could be more prone to razor bumps, irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

This article will explain some of the different ways to shave your back, how to prep for shaving, and how to take care of your back after shaving your hair off.  If you want the best experience, you will need to understand all three steps of the process.

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Why Remove Hair From Your Back

Well, if you are here to really learn how, then you probably don’t need to read this part, but there are many people who are just trying to find out why someone would want to shave his back.

People may find themselves more attractive with a clean shaven back.  Back hair can range from minuscule to Gorilla sleeping on a shag rug.  If people think they are more attractive with a smooth back, then good for them.

Some men have ladies that prefer a less hairy look, so they choose to make their lady happy.  Plus, back shaving may bring about some extra couple time in the shower.  Win Win!

Removing back hair can also show off your physique better.  If you spend a lot of time in the gym, back hair my hide some of your definition.

Some men do it for sports like swimming or body building.  Some may do it for their job, like models.


Ever seen an Abercrombie model with a Yak draped across his back?  Didn’t think so.

How To Shave Your Back By Yourself

Sometimes, you just don’t have someone to help shave your back, or you may not want to ask anyone.  Fortunately, there are several products that can help you do this solo.

Back Shavers

Back Shavers are designed to give you a razor close shave, but they have elongated handles and other features that allow you to get to hard to reach places on your back.  Of course, someone else can use these on your back as well.

It would be close to impossible to shave your entire back by yourself with a razor.  You would have to apply shaving cream or gel over all your back hair, and somehow, twist and contort your body to reach every single square inch of hair covered skin on your back.  You would also have to do this safely.

Attempting to do this may cause cuts, weepers, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and of course missed patches of hair.  If you are attempting to remove back hair for aesthetics, that would kind of defeat the purpose, right?

Why Use A Back Shaver

  • Easy To Obtain Online
  • Not Expensive
  • You can shave your back by yourself-That’s what we are talking about right?

back shavers


The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro was designed with one goal in mind.  To allow men to shave their back easily.

It comes with 2 attachment shaving heads, and it has a 1.8 inch ultra wide groomer blade to shave larger areas, and it comes with a bi-directional head to use for regular back hair maintenance.

In addition to the 2 shaving heads, it features a Power Hinge easy lock button.  This allows you to lock in a certain angle on the handle when shaving, and it allows you to lock it in when folded for storage and travel.

If you have patches of extra thick back hair, it comes with a Power Burst button.  Simply press this button while shaving for an extra burst of power to plow through the thicker patches.

The range of the product is 135 degrees which helps you reach all areas of your back.  It has a nice sturdy feel to it with a weight of 1 pounds at 11x3x2.

It also features a quick charger battery for quick charging.

The Mangroomer also comes in a Professional Model which is a little less expensive, however, it is missing some of the features of the newer model.

The Professional Model does not come with the Ultimate Pro Shaver Blade or the Body Groomer Foil Head.  The Ultimate PRO will provide a closer shave, and you should have less stubble.

In addition, it does not have the extension lock or the Power Burst Mode.  If you don’t have much hair, and you don’t particularly need a closer shave, the Professional may be just fine for you.

Pros for ManGroomer 2.0

  • Ergonomic Extreme Reach Handle
  • 2 Different Shaving Heads
  • Quick Charge
  • Power Burst Mode

Cons for ManGroomer 2.0

  • Hard to open and close
  • Loud
  • Cannot use in shower
  • Cannot use with shaving cream

BaKblade Back Shaver 2.0

The Bakblade back shaver is a Do It Yourself Shaver that features an ergonomic S-shaped handle and patented DryGlide safety blade cartridges that allow you to shave wet or dry.

It also comes with twin blades and a removable cartridge so that you can shave your chest or other areas with it.  The blades are made by LORD which is a quality manufacturer of razor blades.

The Bakblade differs from the Mangroomer because it is a manual shaver, and there really are no bells and whistles with this product.

It comes with a set of the twin blades to get you started, but just like any other razor blade, they will dull over time, and they will need to be replaced.  You can also get these on Amazon.  You must use the 2.0 refill blades for this version.

It does have a nice design to it, and it gets the job done.

BakBlade does still offer its original product, which is the BakBlade 1.0.  It is only slightly less expensive, but does not come with the ergonomic handle, removable cartridge, and twin blades.  The 1.0 has its own version of refill blades, so you cannot use the 2.0 refill blades with it.

Razor Extender for Back – Razorba Back Hair Shaver

This is not really a dedicated shaver for your back, but it is a tool that you can purchase to help you shave your back by yourself.

The Razorba is a patented razor holder wand that will hold your favorite razor.  It does come with its own razor, called the Razorba GOAT.

Any standard size razor will fit as well as safety razors like the Merkur.

The handle is 14 inches long.

It comes in 3 sizes:  Small, Medium, & Large as well as several colors

The small is simply called the Razorba Classic Back Hair Shaver.  This is the original design.

The medium is called The Silencer.

The large is called War Hammer.

The Silencer and War Hammer both feature Super Shock Solid Core which is a heavier built and more sturdy handle.

They both also feature Hamr Grip® which allows for more choice of razors that are compatible.  The War Hammer offers maximum razor compatibility compared to the other two versions.

If you use Gilette Fusion, you will need to get the War Hammer.

If you use Gilette M3 Power, you will need to get either the Silencer or War Hammer.


  • Inexpensive (Small Version)
  • Works with razors you already have and use
  • Can be used in shower


  • Can be confusing which size to get
  • Sometimes razors can pop out
  • Can be difficult to use

Tips For Using A Back Shaver

As with all shaving, there are things that you can do to make your back shaving experience better.  Prep work before shaving and taking care of your back after shaving will greatly improve your overall experience.

The best thing you can do to prep for shaving is washing and exfoliating your skin.  This will help reduce your chance of razor burn, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.  Your back hair is certainly softer and easier to cut than facial hair, but your hair will absorb water which will make it easier for the blade to cut.

If your blade can cut through your hair easier, you are less likely to get tugs while shaving.

Make sure your back is fully dry if you are using a back shaver like the ManGroomer which does not work in water.

After you shave, be sure to use an antispetic after shave like Proraso which helps to prevent infection.  In addition, it would also be beneficial to use a moisturizer like Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion.  Washing and shaving can strip beneficial natural oils from your skin.  Shaving causes trauma to your skin, so a good lotion can really your restore moisture to your skin.

A good pre and post shave routine will help reduce the unwanted side effects that can come with shaving with a razor blade.

Have Someone Help

First, you need to trim your back hair with some electric trimmers.  This will take your thick and long hair and make it easier to shave with a razor.

Next, you want to take a shower and use a good exfoliating soap or at least a shower gel.  This will soften your hair so that the razor can cut cleaner and easier.  It will also help to reduce razor burn and the chance of getting razor bumps.

Next have your partner apply shave gel all over your back.  We prefer shaving soaps and shaving creams, but when someone is doing your back, a gel is a good choice because they can see where they have applied the gel, as well as where they have already shaved.  It is also less messy and faster.  At Beardedblade, we like Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave.  It is a combo pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and conditioner all in one.

Have you partner shave your back with your razor.  Any razor will work, but you want to make sure that the person shaving your back is comfortable with what they are using.  Definitely not a good idea to give them a straight razor.  While we prefer DE razors, if it is something that they are not accustomed to, you will be fine using something like a Gilette Body Razor which is specifically designed for the body and has a rounded head and shaves at many different angles.

Make sure that the razor blades are new, and make sure that when your assistant feels some tugging, the blades get changed.

Your assistant will also need to rinse the razor often to make sure that the blades do not get gunked up with hair and gel.  This can cause irritation and it may lead to razor bumps.

Once your assistant has finished shaving your back, make sure to rinse off your back in the shower to clean off the remaining gel and hair clippings.

Pat yourself dry with a towel.

Once dry, t is also good practice to apply some sort of aftershave.  Proraso can be used as an antispetic to help prevent infection.  It will also help cool your back and make it feel better.

In addition, a good lotion like Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion will help soothe your freshly shaved back, and it will help to restore some of the moisture that was lost from shaving.

Best Back Shaver for Men

The best back shaver for men is the ManGroomer Ultimate Pro or the BaKblade 2.0

These products each have so many benefits, but to us, they are quite different in their functionality.

The choice comes down to manual vs. powered, or using dry or wet shaving.

We felt that the newer versions were better than the originals, and the price increase was not significant.  So, for a little more money, you are able to get better products with more features.

If you want more manual control and you want to be able to remove the cartridge in order to shave your chest, then the Bakblade 2.0 may be better for you.

If you have more experience with electric shavers, and you are more comfortable with them, then the ManGroomer Ultimate Pro may be best for you.

Either way, we don’t think you can go wrong with either one.

Please make sure you have a good pre and post shave routine when shaving your back.  It will help make the experience so much better.


Hopefully, we were able to provide some insight into back shavers, and hopefully, you can make a good decision about which back shaver you would like to purchase.

Looking for reviews on the best trimmers for your junk? 

If you have any comments or questions, please comment below.

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