How To Train Your Beard

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How To Train Your Beard


All beards are different.  Some are straight and some are curly, but they may not look like what you want them to.  The best thing that you can do is to learn how to train your beard.  You can do this by using certain products like balms and waxes.  You can also use a brush which will help your beard do what you want it to do.  Now, we are going to be frank with you here.  You cannot literally train it to do what you want.  But, you can train yourself to do things daily that will help you.

Your growth is determined by your genetics and follicles.  You cannot just take hair and make it do something without using products, etc.

We will provide some information on things that you can control which will help style your facial hair.

Use A Beard Brush And Comb To Train Your Beard

One of the best things that you can do to help your beard grow the way you want is to use a brush and comb daily.

For this to work, you need to get a high quality boar bristle beard brush.  These brushes are designed for facial hair, and they will help to clean your hair of oil, dust, and debris.  They will also stimulate your skin.

You want it to be soft enough to not shred the sensitive skin on your face, but it needs to be able to tame your hairs.

The image above to amazon will take you to one of our favorites, and it is not expensive to boot!

Now, having just a comb and brush is important, but one of the most important things that you need is beard oils and balms.

Use A Beard Oil To Help Train Your Beard

First, you need to understand that moisture is your friend.  You want to make sure that your beard is not dry and brittle.

A high quality natural beard oil will help to keep your beard moisturized daily.  Your brushing just became way more effective, and it will be easier to get your beard to do what you want it to do.

Think about it.  Would it be easier to comb dry and brittle hair, or would it be easier to comb soft, moisturized hair.

We both know the answer here.  Soft and manageable hair is much easier to train than dry coarse beard hair.

Make sure you get an all natural beard oil like this one.  No need to be putting synthetic ingredients on your face every day.

Use A Beard Balm To Help Style Your Beard

Balms are similar to oils in that they help to provide moisture to your beard, but they also to help style your beard.  That is what you are looking for right?

Balms have ingredients in them like bees wax and butters which will give your beard a little hold.

We don’t usually see as much moisturizing as we do with the oils, but they certainly provide the styling hold that the oils cannot give.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can purchase a product called beard jelly.  It is like a balm and oil combined.  It is much thicker than an oil, but it is not stiff like a balm.  It comes in a ton of scents as well.  Our favorite is Gold Scent.


To sum it up, this is what you need to do to help train your beard.

  • After you shower, apply a beard oil or beard balm
  • Use A beard brush after you apply your oil or balm
  • Reapply at end of day if needed and brush again

Doing this will tame your beard, and it will help to train your hair to grow the way that you want.  Again, this won’t completely change how it grows, but it can help to manage it on a daily basis to get the look that you are going for.

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