Using Beard Oil and Beard Balm Together

Beard oil and beard balm are the two most used products in beard care.  They both are similar in the benefits that they offer for beard care.  They both work by moisturizing your skin and beard, and the balm will give you a little hold.

Can You Use Beard Oil And Balm Together?

The short answer is yes.  Beard oil and balm can be used together because they both serve the same purpose, but you get the benefits of two products.  The beard oil will moisturize your beard, and it will likely have a stronger scent.  The balm will provide a little hold to your beard.

Beard Balm vs. Beard Oil

Beard Balm

Generally, a beard balm is compromised of butters and oils like Shea Butter,  Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, etc.  In addition, they usually have a hardening agent in them like beeswax.  Beeswax will control the thickness or hardness of the balm.  Adding more beeswax will make the balm more like a solid and less will make it softer and closer to a beard oil once it is melted in your hand.

Beard balms can be put into different categories based on what they are designed for.  Although, they all serve the same purpose, some will perform better than others at certain tasks based on their ingredient profile.

There are conditioning balms which are designed to coat your beard like an oil, but they will provide very minimal hold.  These will generally have less beeswax in them, and they will be easy to scoop out.  These tend to melt in your hand rather quickly as they are composed of a high percentage of soft butters and oils.

There are styling or sculpting balms.  These will condition your beard as well, but they will have a higher percentage of beeswax in them.  This will weigh your beard down a bit more depending on how strong the hold is.  This is great for keeping stray whiskers at bay.  Sometimes brands will market these with phrases like “heavy hold.”

There are hybrid balms.  Most beard balms fall into this category.  They provide conditioning as well as a little hold.

Beard Oil

Beard Oils contain the same types of oils that are used in balms except they do not contain the beeswax and butters.  They will contain vegetable oils like Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Castor Oil.  These are liquid at room temperature.

The purpose of a beard oil is to hydrate and condition your skin and beard.  It will also deodorize your beard if scented.  They will aid a bit in shaping your beard if you brush your beard with a boar hair brush like this one on amazon after you apply the oil.

When To Use Beard Balm and Beard Oil Together

It is perfectly OK to use beard balms and oils by themselves.  If you are getting what you need from the products you use, there probably is no need to use them together.  But, if you feel that you are needing something else, it does not hurt to try and use them together.

When you are growing your beard in, it is probably a good idea to have both on hand.  In the early stages of beard growth when you have a short beard, you may experience a lot of itchy beard, and a beard oil will be great for that.  At some point, your beard will get a little longer, and you will start getting more and more strays pop out.  Grab a beard balm that has a decent amount of hold to it, and then add it to your beard with the oil.  This just one example of when you may use a beard oil and a beard balm together.

Another time to use them together may be during the winter months.  If you are a balm user, you may need a little bit more conditioning during the winter months.  You can try to use a more conditioning balm, but a beard oil will probably work better as an addition.

How To Use Beard Oil and Balm Together

Apply your beard oil first.  Simply put a dime sized amount into your palm and rub into your beard and skin.  It is important to try and work the oil from the root of the hair to the end.  This will ensure that you are not just coating the ends of your hair.

Take a beard brush and brush your beard down.

Next, scoop out a small amount of your beard balm, and rub your hands together to melt the balm.  Then, rub your hands through your beard to coat as much as you can.  Try to apply it to the areas that need the most hold first.  Comb your fingers down through your beard to shape it.

Take a beard comb, like the one listed with the beard brush here on amazon, and comb down your beard to shape it how you like.

Some people with very long beards like to use them at the same time.  Simply apply the beard balm to your hands and rub them together.  Once the balm is melted, apply a liberal amount of beard oil, and then coat your beard.

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