How To Shave Your Back

shave hairy back

How To Shave Your Back Most men understand how to shave their face, head, and chest, but most men wonder how to shave their back.  What makes it difficult is lack of view and the inability to reach all parts of your back. The way to shave your back is to use a specific product … Read more

Shaving Soap vs Shaving Cream

Shaving Soap vs Cream The purpose of this article is to compare shaving soap vs cream.  We will provide you insights into each product as well as compare the differences between the two. First:  We will describe the purpose of soaps and creams. Second:  We will define shaving soap and shaving cream. Third:  We will … Read more

Williams Shave Soap

williams shave soap

Williams Shave Soap Williams Shave Soap is well known as the Original Mug Soap.  It has been around since 1840, and it was manufactured by James B. Williams.  It can be purchased online, and it can usually be found in your local pharmacy. Packaging: The puck comes in a small blue and white box with … Read more