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Does Vitamin C Help Your Beard

By October 16, 2022No Comments

Men go to great lengths for their beards. There is a whole industry for beard grooming products. Some guys prefer to take a more natural approach to growing their beards out. One way to go about doing this is by taking supplements. One of the most commonly available vitamins that guys take is Vitamin C. While we know that it is great for scurvy, does it help you grow a better beard?

Vitamin C, like Biotin is great for beard growth. Both of these are essential if you want to be able to have the best man beard that you can.

How Does Vitamin C Promote Beard Growth

For starters, if you have a vitamin C deficiency, that could lead to dry and brittle beard hair. If you are trying to grow out your beard, then you don’t want to be in that situation. Supplementing with Vitamin C is a great way to naturally increase beard growth.

Here are 4 ways that Vitamin C can help your beard to grow nice and thick:

  1. It produces collagen
  2. It acts like an antioxidant
  3. Helps to produce testosterone
  4. It increases sebum production

Produces Collagen

There is a protein called collagen that helps to build hair, including beard hair. This is a naturally occurring substance in your body, and as you get older, your levels can get lower.

Having a normal collagen network is important, and Vitamin C plays a critical role in collagen maintenance in the body.

It Is An Antioxidant

Vitamin C also serves as an antioxidant. This is good for beard hair because antioxidants help to remove free radicals which can damage hair follicles. This is more important as you get older. When you get older, free radicals increase in your body, and your natural defense mechanisms decrease. Keeping all of your vitamins and minerals at the recommended level will help to mitigate that.

So basically, free radicals can damage hair follicles, and antioxidants (which come from Vitamin C) can help to fight them.

You can supplement Vitamin C by eating more beard growth foods. Therefore, it is important to have the right diet for maximum beard growth.

Vitamin C Helps To Produce Testosterone For Beard Growth

Simply put, testosterone can help your beard grow, and Vitamin C can increase your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a male hormone which helps to promote beard hair growth.

Sebum Production

One of the biggest issues when growing a beard is unwanted dryness and itching. Sebum is an oil produced by glands in your skin. This is helpful for your beard because it helps to keep it soft and moisturized. This will allow you to be more comfortable during the growth stages, and it will reduce itching.

How Much Vitamin C To Take For Beard Growth?

You need to make sure that you are getting the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C for growing your beard. This is 90 mg per day for men. Taking extra Vitamin C will not make your beard grow faster. Your goal should be getting the recommended daily amount so that you do not become deficient. Deficiency is the problem when it comes to beards.

James Woods

James Woods

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