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Facial Hair Of The 70’s

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Facial hair of the 70's

Each decade there seems to be different choices in style and fashion. Facial hair is no different. Every decade seems to have different beard and mustache styles. The 1970’s brought in a cultural revolution due to music and war. Men in the hippie scene seemed to lean towards more thick and unruly looking facial hair styles.

Mustaches Of The 1970’s

The Handlebar Mustache

Rollie Fingers with handlebar mustache
Rollie Fingers Handlebar mustache

The handlebar mustache became popular in the 70’s due to one man, Rollie Fingers. This pitcher for the Oakland A’s showed up to spring training in 1972, and much to his surprise the owner liked it. Due to its unique look, it became popular among men.

Thick Mustache

Sonny Bono with mustache in 1970's
Sonny Bono

The thick mustache was very popular during the 70’s due in part to celebrities like Sonny Bono. This picture shows his facial hair with his daughter on his lap.

Pencil Mustache

While it was not one of the main mustache styles, the Pencil mustache was somewhat notorious. This was largely due in part to Little Richard being so popular during the 70’s.

Little Richard with a thin mustache

Long Hair And Mustache

Jon Lord with thick mustache and long hair
Jon Lord of Deep Purple

Long hair with a mustache on men became popular during this decade, and this including a lot of rock musicians. One example of this style was Jon Lord, one of the members of Deep Purple.

The Horseshoe Mustache

Embed from Getty Images

The Horseshoe mustache, or Biker stache, made its way around a little bit during this decade.

Beards Of The 1970’s

There are also other types of facial hair and beards during the decade of the 70’s. We have selected several different styles that were popular. There were many men who set the trend for popular beard styles in the 1970’s. This includes Elvis, Frank Zappa, and many other celebrities.

Thick Sideburns

Elvis Presley with sideburns facial hair
Elvis Presley with sideburns

Sideburns were prevalent from 1970-1979 and this including the King of Rock himself, Elvis. He had many different styles, but our favorite is sideburns that get thick. These are close to Mutton Chop sideburns, but not quite that big.

Soul Patch

Frank Zappa with 70's mustache and soulpatch
Frank Zappa with Soul Patch

While the Soul Patch beard was popular during previous decades, many men caught on to wearing it. The Soul Patch is simply a tuft a facial hair under the lip. Zappa wears it with a thick mustache. If you are looking for more famous soul patch beards, we have you covered.

Afro With Full Beard

Embed from Getty Images

You cannot beat a full Afro with a large beard. Nothing says the 70’s like this style.

Regular Beards

Creedence Clearwater Revival band with beards and mustaches
Creedence Clearwater Revival facial hair
Bee Gees with beards 1977
Members of the Bee Gees with facial hair

Disco music became popular during the 70’s, and with that many disco bands rose to prominence. One of those bands, The Bee Gees, were widely known for their facial hair. Facial hair was not exclusive to disco. Many rock bands like CCR also had members with beards and mustaches.

Thick And Bushy Beards

Francis Ford Coppola with a large beard

Due to the hippie movement, it was trendy to have an unkempt look. This included men with large thick beards that looked unruly.

The Goatee And Afro

Embed from Getty Images

While the goatee has always been popular, but pairing it with a nice looking Afro just personifies a musician in 1975

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