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Eminem Beard Style – How To Get The Look

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Eminem beard style

When it comes to celebrity beards, hip hop artists and rappers have their list of top tier facial hair. One of those is Marshall Mathers or better known as Eminem. The Eminem beard style is a newer look for Mathers, and it is featured on his album Music To Be Murdered By. Eminem became popular in the 1990’s, but during that time, he had a clean shaven face with no stubble. It wasn’t until 2016 that he started to grow his beard out.

Over the last several years, he has not had a lot of different styles. He basically keeps the same look except it seems to be a heavy stubble look sometimes, and up to a short beard. We have not seen him with a long and thick beard. This style is easy to replicate, even for guys who cannot grow a thick beard. As long as you can grow some thick stubble, and if you have a beard trimmer, then you should be able to replicate his look. Having short dark hair will also get you closer to his style.

While Em has some solid facial hair, out favorite hip hop beard would have to go to Nipsey Hussle.

Pictures Of Eminem’s Beard Styles

Here is a picture of Eminem from 2020 with his dark hair and beard. Long gone is the look of the platinum short hair cut that he made stylish when he burst on the scene with Dr. Dre.

Here is another picture of Eminem and Elton John. Here, you can see that he has a short beard with tight lines. With as much money as he has, it looks like he has a great barber that keeps him groomed well.

This picture is from 2018, and it shows a closer up shot of Eminems beard style. Here is his look where it is on the thicker side.

Here he is with a heavy stubble style. His beard is following the same shape as always, it’s just not as thick.

How To Grow A Short Beard Like Eminem

There are basically two styles that you can go for. Neither will be too difficult to grow, as long as you have reached a stage in life where your facial hair grows out. For either look, you will need a beard trimmer with guards and something to edge. This beard trimmer will work. You will need to clean up your beard to a heavy stubble look or a short beard.

To achieve the heavy stubble look, you will need to use something like a 3mm guard on your trimmer. This will allow you to get an even trim all over your face. You can take a look at the picture of Eminem above to give you an idea. You will also need to have clean and tight edges. His beard is anything but sloppy, and it is well groomed.

To acheive the short beard that Eminem usually has, you will need a guard size of around 10 mm. This will allow you to have an even cut all around. Again, you will need tight edges on your face.

Either of these will work if you are going for his style, and this is one of the easiest beards to achieve.

Featured Image: Snowdrop Productions, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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