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RazoRock Snowman Shaving Brush Plissoft Review

By June 2, 2018August 19th, 2021No Comments
razorock snowman base

RazoRock Snowman Shaving Brush Plissoft Review

razorock tuxedo plissoft

The RazoRock Snowman Shaving Brush with Tuxedo Plissoft Synthetic Knot is one of many synthetic brushes offered at Italian Barber.  This brush was inspired by a vintage Simpson.

It features a 24 mm x 57 mm Tuxedo Plissoft Synthetic Knot which is the same knot that is in their 24 Barrel Shaving Brush.  The handle is made out of black resin, and while it looks fantastic in photos, it looks even better in person.

It comes in a custom printed box which is definitely a nice touch, especially for a low cost item.

According to Italian Barber, the Tuxedo knot combines the backbone of their Noir Plissoft knots with the soft tips from their Silvertip Plissoft knots.  They also boast ” frankly there is no better shaving brush for the money, in the world!”  The brush costs less than $15, and I have seen it on sale for $7.99.

If you want to read more information about the best synthetic shaving brushes we have an article covering that.  (Hint:  The Snowman made the list.)

Snowman vs. L’occitane Plisson

The L’occitane Plisson was probably the first synthetic shaving brush to become wildly  popular.  It has extremely soft tips, but it has very little backbone.  It is a great beginners brush because of it’s ease of use, low backbone, and you don’t have to clean the badger funk off of it.

While some love the lack of backbone, other do not.

The Snowman will definitely fill that void as it has way more backbone.

RazoRock Snowman Shaving Brush


So far, I have seen no shedding like I have with the Yaqi synthetic that I own.  Although, shedding has not really been a concern with my synthetic shaving brushes.

The brush tends to pick up soap well, and it lathers extremely well.  For my tastes, I found it to be a much better fit for soaps over creams.  I prefer the low backbone of the L’occitane for creams.

The brush performed extremely well for me, and it is a definite keeper.  It lathers extremely well, has some springiness to it, and it has nice backbone.  Even with the greater backbone than I am used to, the tips were really soft.  Aesthetically, the brush looks fantastic, and as I mentioned earlier, pictures don’t do it justice.

The brush would be a great beginners brush because it should have a low learning curve, and it has a low price point.  Having said that, I think anyone looking for a synthetic should consider adding it to their cart next time they are browsing Italian Barber.  For the knot and the beautiful handle, it is hard to pass this one up.

Why Use A Synthetic Shaving Brush

While Badgers may be regarded as the classic shaving brush, some people prefer synthetics.

For me, I use both, but I generally prefer the feel of synthetics on my face, and I like how they lather soaps.

Others may prefer synthetics because of their lack of natural odor.

Some find it inhumane to support badger and boar hair brushes.

Some people are vegan, and they prefer to carry over their beliefs in not using animals for products.

What are some reason why you like to use synthetics?

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