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Zac Efron Beard Style

By September 10, 2021January 30th, 2023No Comments
zac effron beard style

Zac Efron was a teen hearthrob for millions of women around the world. But, a new day has ushered in an improved man. Zac Efron grew an epic beard.

Now, in our books, this is an improvement. We are grown men who blog about the bearded lifestyle. Obviously, you can understand our view on the matter. The new bearded Zac brought in a whole new category of women fans. His beard style symbolized to women all around the world, that he has grown up into a a full man now. Long gone are the days of High School Musical where he was a teenage boy. He was a teen heartthrob then. Now, all the ladies love him.

Women all over now view Zac Efron as a sex symbol, obviously only due to his impressive beard style.

For starters, Zac has a thick beard that can be styled different ways. Other celebrity beards like Keanu Reeves are patchy, but work great for his style.

Our goals are to:

  • Show you photos of Zac Efron’s different beard styles
  • Give you guidance on how to grow a beard like Zac

Various Zac Efron Beard Styles

Thick And Full Beard

Zach Efron beard
Zac Efron with a thick and full beard via

This is the beard that drew the most attention. Zac was known for being a clean shaven teenager. In his 20’s he still kept a smooth face, but this look changed it all.

This style is thick and he does not have any tight lines around his mustache or chin areas. His sideburns are gone which goes well with his tapered hair style. This look does not require a lot of work, you just have to be able to grow it like this.

To get this look, you will need some time. Just grow, grow, grow. Cut lines at the bottom of your ears. This is where you will need it to be thick. The top of your sideburns need to taper down to meet the thickness.

Grow as much hair as you can on your chin. There is no design here. Make a line just above your Adam’s Apple. Anything below that you can keep as stubble or clean shaven.

Mustache And Stubble Style

Zac Efron with Mustache
Zac Efron With Mustache And Stubble via

This is one of the easiesty styles to achieve. Just grow a mustache along with stubble. There really is not much else that needs to be done. You will need a good beard trimmer to keep the stubble down. A razor will remove too much.

Mustache, Goatee, And Short Beard

Zac Efron beard
Zac Effron With A Short Beard via

This beard style by Zac Efron is another easy one to achieve. There are no tight lines except above the ear at the sideburns, and it has not reached full thickness yet.

He has a thicker mustache and soul patch while the rest of the beard is in the short phase while still growing out.

If you want this style, grow your soul patch and mustache first. Once you get the thickness you want, you can start growing out the rest of your beard. Note that the ‘stache has mild points on them. They are not flat and blunt. This meshes well with the thick patch under his bottom lip.

Mustache With Heavy Stubble Look

Zac Efron beard and white hair
Mustache on Zac via

This beard style is similar to his other mustache look, except he has thicker stubble and a more pronounced tuft under his bottom lip. Again, you will need a taper fade. If you have not noticed, he likes that style.

The Sideburns With Stubble Beard Style

Zac Efron short stubble beard
Sideburns with short stubble via

To achieve this style, grow your sideburns down to the bottom of your ears. Keep short stubble everywhere else. Do notice that Zac has cleaned up around his soul patch area. It is not really a full patch, but an outline. The stubble there is thicker though, so he has cleaned up around it a bit.

Zac With Blonde Hair And Tight Beard Lines

zac efron tight beard style

This beard style is definitely unique. You will need to shape your mustache to be long and a bit narrower. You will need to trim down a “U” shape under your bottom lip. He also has tight lines all over. If you are not comfortable shaping your own beard, then you can grow it out nice and thick. Once that is done, go to a reputable barber and have him shape your beard like this.

Zac’s Crazy Beard

Zac Efron crazy beard

I don’t really know what to say about this crazy style. If you really want this style, I recommend that someone else give it to you. There are just too many lines and opportunities to mess up.

How To Grow A Beard Like Zac Efron

To get the same look as Zac, you will need to have good genes. This man can grow good facial hair, and as you can see from all the photos, he can do a lot to shape and define his beard. Our guide will get you as close as possible to his beard styles, but it all comes down to whether you can grow out a beard like him or not. The great news is that he has so many different styles. This should allow you to choose the best one for your face.

1. Start Growing And Stop Shaving

If you want your beard to look like Zac Efron, then the first step would be to put down your razors and trimmers. If you have never tried to grow a beard before, you are about to find out how good your genes are. Every guy is different. Some men grow patchy beards like Keanu Reeves, and other guys can grow epic beards like Mel Gibson.

2. Pick Your Favorite Beard Style

You need to set a goal on which style you would like because each look is different. A short stubble beard is far different from the style he had on his Netflix special Down To Earth.

If you have never grown a beard before, it is probably best to try one of his shorter styles first. You may waiting a long time (like forever) if you just can’t get a thick beard to grow.

He has so many different looks and styles, so you should be able to find something that works for you.

3. Use A Beard Trimmer To Shape Lines Like Zac

You will need a decent beard trimmer. It needs to have multiple attachments because you may need to cut your stubble to certain lengths. These attachments are sometimes called guards for beard trimmers. This will allow you to shape lines in your beard like Zac Efron.

featured image via Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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