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Frat Boy Names

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We all know them, and we all love them. Here is a list of the most preppy frat boy names. Some would even call these douchey names.

These are some of the funniest frat daddy names. Everyone single person who has set foot in a frat house can pick out at least one guy that we have listed.

Think back to every frat guy you have ever met. How many can you match up?

  1. Bryce: This is the wealthiest guy in the frat. Has everything, the car, the girls, the house, the money, the hair, the looks. Total douche.
  2. Landon: This is the guy that gets a weekly mani pedi. What a douchey guy name.
  3. Brett: Total jock, not too bright. Aka “Meat”
  4. Brock: He’s the guy that took your girlfriend home last night.
  5. Judd: Bookworm who thinks he is smarter than everybody. Always starts a sentence with “Well actually..”
  6. Grayson: The guy with blond hair who is always tan. Grew up near a beach in South Carolina. Likes to surf. Brings up that fact every day. One of the most basic frat guy names out there.
  7. Hunter: He comes from the South and wears all the “outdoor” gear like Aftco and Northface. Also, doesn’t hunt or fish.
  8. Aiden: President of the Frat. Pure politician who would turn his back on you in a second to advance himself.
  9. Biff: Large and beefy guy. Slightly dumber than Brett. Cries every time he drinks more than 10 beers.
  10. Bowen: Always wears seer suckers and bow ties. Talks with a slight southern draw. He’s actually from Rhode Island.
  11. Tripp: The guy that stares at your girlfriend all the time.
  12. Trent: Large guy and funny. He’s a pure comedian. Always drinking cold beer. Favorite line is “Hey man, check this out.”
  13. Bryson: He is just like Stifler, but nobody likes him.
  14. Cody: Works out at the gym. Totally buffed and good looking. Insanely insecure. Plays World of Warcraft every night. His favorite class is support.
  15. Rob: Has the temper of an angry badger. Picks a fight after 8 beers. After 10 beers, he is buying everyone shots.
  16. Toby: Wears a cowboy hat and listens to Garth Brooks. Drives a pickup with very large tires. He’s from DC.
  17. Nelson: Acts like a tough guy. Works out and takes creatine to get buff. Cried 3 times watching The Notebook.
  18. Kale: He’s the guy that pours beer in his cereal in the morning, but when nobody is looking he dumps it out and eats a fruit salad.
  19. Carter: Into poetry and yoga. Has more girl friends than guy friends. One of the best frat boy names ever.
  20. Rhett: From south Georgia. Every third word is a curse word. Makes him feel important.
  21. Brad: Pure douche bag. Nothing more can be said.
  22. Noah: He’s the guy that grabs 4 drinks during last call.
  23. Jon: Don’t call him John.
  24. Logan: Won’t stop talking about the newest IPA at the local microbrewery.
  25. Zach: Wears nothing but Marvel Comics t-shirts. Captain America is his favorite. He finds it insulting if you mention Robert Downey Jr. without calling him Tony Stark instead.
  26. Garrett: Wears a Harry Potter scarf to frat parties to “not come off too intimidating” to the ladies.
  27. Clint: Tall and skinny. Wears a lot of black and creeps people out.
  28. Rich: Starts every sentence with “Hey Man.”
  29. Trevor: Trevor’s mom is smoking hot and flirts with all his friends. It gives him a complex.
  30. Chase: Wears sweater vests and has braces. Won’t stop talkng about his mom.
  31. Chaz: Got a tattoo when he turned 21. Its a tribal tattoo around his bicep. Constantly wears sleeveless shirts.
  32. Thad: Get very angry if you call him Tad.
  33. Kurt: Addicted to the tv series Charmed. Comments on every single Alyssa Milano twitter post. Majoring in Political Science.
  34. Blane: Won’t drink beer because he is watching his figure.
  35. Chase: Frat t-shirt, sunglasses, khaki pants, hat, frat hair cut…you know the guy.
  36. Josh: Slightly chubby and awkward. Still looking for his first date in his Junior year.
  37. Chip: He is the guy dating your ex-girlfriend. Always smells like cheez wiz.
  38. Skip: He’s the guy that insists everyone go to Waffle House after a long night of boozing. Conveniently has no money when the check arrives.
  39. Scooter: This guy talks about girls non stop. He makes a vulgar comment to every single female that walks by.
  40. Gabe: He is the sensitive type. Favorite movie is The Wedding Planner.
  41. Paxton: Insecure about the size of his package. Constantly talks about how big it is.
  42. Caleb: Talks about how much money he wins at poker everyday.
  43. Cory: Total Dude Bro. Duuuudee…Bro.
  44. Mitch: He’s the guy that takes money from your wallet when you aren’t looking. But its ok, because he lets you “hang out” with his girlfriend.
  45. Shaun: Total ass clown.
  46. J.T.: Talks and acts just like Spicoli from Fast Times. Hair looks a little greasy but doesn’t use product.
  47. Walker: Rides a Harley. Swears he got into a fight with Lil Pump at a bar one night.
  48. Brock: Claim to fame is he slept with a Playboy bunny one night. Nobody has been able to corroborate that story yet.
  49. Tommy: Fifth year senior in college. Taking over dad’s Dry Cleaner business when he graduates. Nickname is Party Ball.
  50. Blake: Master of everything beer. Keg stands, beer pong, drinking games, pool, darts, Wednesday Night Trivia. Graduates college with a 2.01 GPA.

Summary Of Preppy Frat Names

preppy frat boy names

Hopefully, you found some humor in our list of douchey frat boy names.

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