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Men’s Body Types | The Ultimate Guide

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male body types

There are 3 main men’s body types. Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.

Men come in all sizes and shapes, heights and weight. Men’s body types are referred to as somatotypes. There are three of them which we listed above.

It is important to understand your body type because it can help you manage different aspects of your life.

It helps to influence how you dress, and it helps define how you respond to exercise and diet plans.

If you are trying to alter or improve your image, it is important to understand where you are.

You certainly can’t change how you’re built, so you might as well work with what you have instead of against it. This allows you to focus more on what you can achieve, and it gives you a better path there.

What Are The Three Male Body Types


skinny body type

This is the skinny guy with a smaller frame. Men like this will be thin in the chest and shoulders, as well as the legs.

It can be harder to gain weight, and meal supplements are usually vital if you are trying to bulk up or add some mass. Just remember, your frame is smaller and it takes more work to get some bulk.

For guys trying to add some mass, if you know this up front, then you won’t get discouraged when you see your athletic buddy gaining faster than you.

During the younger years, a fast metabolism keeps the weight down, but as you get older, it will be easier to add some weight, though it is usually the bad kind.

Either way, your body frame cannot be changed and unless you have an insane transformation, people will usually be able to recognize your body type.

Endormorph Or Stocky Body Type

male body type endomorph

This is one body type that is generally referred to as a stocky body type. Picture a soft round body.

Men in this group add muscle and fat fairly easily, but usually more fat tissue. A stocky person will have thick, strong legs, and they usually excel in the gym at core leg strength.

While strong, there is usually very little muscle definition or that cut appearance.

We are talking about a fat man here, so don’t think of that.


men body type mesomorph

This body type is your standard athletic body. It is defined by having large bone structure with good muscle mass. Think of Wolverine and his beard (Hugh Jackman).

Muscle gain is usually easier, and muscle definition is usually exaggerated in these men. You can picture pretty much any NFL wide receiver.

Granted, you don’t have to be a 6’5″ beast to belong in this group.

While men like this are generally defined well and more muscular, they are more prone to fat gain than say, an ectomorph. So, if you want to keep that athletic build as you get older, you may need to incorporate some activity to keep it going.

The good news, is that you can get there much easier than the other 2 body types.

This would probably be the stereotypical body that men shoot for. Just remember, you cannot change your frame and bone structure.

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