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13 Different Types Of Hairlines For Men

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If your hairline has changed over the years, you may have started paying more attention to it as well as others. It is normal for your hair to look different than other mens hair, and it will change over time. Your hair may also recede, and you may even suffer from hair loss as you age.

There are a lot of different hairlines that men have, and we have put together a list of the most common types.

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High Hairline

High Hairline Example

A high hairline makes it look like you have a big forehead, and it is very common. This type can be the result of genes, or it can come from a receding hairline as you get older. This gets more common as you age, and it is natural to experience this. Sometimes, men appear more intellectual due to this.

Your hairline can change over time, and what you have as a juvenile may be lower than what you have as an adult. If you feel like you are experiencing hair loss or if your hair is receding, you can always look at Rogaine.

Mid Hairline

Normal Hairline Example

A Mid or standard hairline is the one between the low and high. This one would be the most desired because it does not look like you are losing hair, and it isn’t low to your eyebrows. As you age, this may tend to get higher on your forehead.

Low Hairline

Short Hairline Example

The low hairline can be hard to notice unless you have short hair. This is defined by have a short forehead or little space between your hair and eyebrows. This can be covered up easily with more bangs. People won’t even notice unless you lift your bangs up or have a short cut.

Rounded Or Bell Shaped Hairline

Round Hairline Example

The rounded hairline is defined by no jagged edges or points. It has a bell shaped curve that tends to round the face out.

Straight Hairline

Straight Hairline Example

This is a straight line across your forehead. There are no edges or shapes, just straightness. This is similar to the standard, but it has less curves or edges to it.

One celebrity example of this is Robery Downey Jr’s beard and hair in the Iron Man movies.

Receding Hairline

Receding Hairline Example

The receding hairline is the one that men worry about. You may have started out with a standard or rounded hairline, but over time, this gets higher and higher on your forehead. This is due to genetics, but you may be able to take action. There are Biotin supplements for beard growth and serums.

Drop Hairline

Drop Hairline Example

This is similar to the straight hairline except that it drops down on each side past the eyebrows.

Uneven Hairline

Uneven Hairline Example

There are two reasons you have a uneven hairline. One reason is genetics, and the other is due to hair loss. As you get older, you may lose some hair at your line. This loss may be on one side or evenly on both. There may be more hair growth on one side of your head as well.

Widow’s Peak

Widows Peak Hairline Example

The widow’s peak or V-shaped hairline may look like you are losing hair on each side of your head. This shape can be common throughout your life, so it is more genetics than losing hair. It is possible to start losing some hair on your line as you age, and this can give you a widow’s peak look as well. This gives a face a heart-shaped appearance.

The M Shaped Hairline

M Shaped Hairline Example

The M-shaped hairline is similar to the widow’s peak except the parts that go back on each side tend to be deeper into the scalp. This is what gives it the “M” shape.

Cow Lick

Cows Lick Hairline Example

Cowlicks are parts of hair that grow in an opposite direction from the hairs around them. This can make your hair look messy, but barbers can cut your hair in a way to make it look better. The can also style your hair to emphasize the cowlick.

Semi Bald

Semi Bald Hairline Example

A Semi Bald hairline is one that has passed the point of a receding hairline. You still have a line, but it is basically on the top of your head. It is no longer on your forehead.

Square Hairline

Square Hairline Example

A square hairline usually comes with a high one. The side parts run straight down on each side, and there are no edges in the hair. This gives the top half of your face a box shape.

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