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Keanu Reeves Beard: It’s Patchy And Great

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Keanu Reeves is has become an acting legend among men of all ages. He has baleen in so many amazing movies including The Matrix, John Wick, and Speed. Due to his popularity and celebrity status, men all over the world try to emulate their looks based on Keanu Reeves beard. In addition to his style and hair, many guys like their facial hair to look like celebrities.

Keanu Reeves has a patchy beard which means that parts of his face are not covered in beard hair. Generally, these are not the best looking beards, but Keanu Reeves has become iconic for his less than impressive beard. This has given men with patchy beards confidence who cannot grow full thick beards.

History Of His Beard Styles

Didn’t Shave Style

Embed from Getty Images

This is Keanu during the Matrix Reloaded premiere. He is just a day or two from shaving here. If you notice his stubble outlines, you can get a good idea of his beard shape once it grows out.

The Stubble Style

Keanu Reeves with a beard
Kittynegri / CC BY-SA (

You can tell from this look that his beard matches his stubble look. He has the high peak on his cheeks, and you can see a lot of skin underneath. This is the early signs of a patchy beard.

The Trimmed Beard

Embed from Getty Images

This was his beard style after the movie Constantine was released. This shows off his best beard because it has some depth, and it is more than some whiskers. His beard is trimmed down so that it does not look too patchy, but it still looks like he has some growth.

The Full Patchy Beard

Keanu Reeves patchy beard
Matthew Lamb / CC BY-SA (

This is a patchy beard. He has lost his sharp lines and definition because his facial hair is growing thicker. His beard hair also grows in different directions which makes his skin show more.

The Full Beard

Embed from Getty Images

This is his beard style in the summer of 2019. This was his look for John Wick 3, and his facial hair is about as full and thick as it has been in recent years. He has lost some of the lines and definition like he had in Constantine.

How To Get Keanu Reeves Beard Style

In order to achieve his look you will need to figure out which style you prefer. Our favorite is the trimmed beard. This requires a short beard and mustache. Once you figure out which one you want, then you need to grow your beard out. They all have the same shape because his follicles are aren’t going to change, but the thickness changes how it looks.

Even though most of his are short beards, you need to grow it out and then trim it down. If you don’t have a beard trimmer, you will need to get one. You cannot get his exact look without one. For a budget trimmer that will work, you can’t go wrong with the Norelco. If you would rather get a nicer one that you can use for more things, then go with the Norelco 7000. Either way, you will need the multiple beard guards and trimmer shapes to shape your beard down. You will also need to cut some tight lines. Each one of these recommendations offers that.

Keanu_Reeves_beard shape
anna Hanks / CC BY (

Step 1

Grow your beard out. Don’t worry about getting the angles and lines yet, just let it grow. You will need to know how thick you want it depending if you want the John Wick 3 look or his post Constantine beard style.

Step 2

This step you will need to use a beard trimmer with a guard on to cut your hair down to whichever length you want. Make sure to try the higher numbers first, because if you cut it too short, you’ll have to grow it again.

Step 3

Here, you will work on the cheeks. The signature look for any of his styles is the high peak that naturally occurs on his cheeks. You likely won’t have this, so you will need to edge down and curve up the point. From the top of the peak, you need to make a straight line down and then curve it back into your beard. Make sure to leave a gap in between your mustache and jaw line.

Step 4

Use the edge of your trimmer blade and make a slight angle down your mustache starting at each nostril. Your mustache will need to connect to your beard, and if it doesn’t naturally do this, then you will need to make sure your mustache is long enough to reach it.

Step 5

Trim up your goatee based on the picture, and then clean up your neck line a little bit.

How To Grow Your Beard Like Keanu

If you are new to growing beards, or if you want to grow a better beard, then there are steps that you can take to help improve your facial fur.

Use Beard Products

Beard products will help to maintain a nicer looking beard, and you will need some nice lines to get close to Keanu’s beard. Some popular choices are beard oils, balms, shampoos, and conditioners. A newer product on the market is beard butters which provide deep conditioning. Live Bearded makes an incredible butter that smells great and deeply conditions your beard. A lot of guys apply this to their beard before bed and let it set overnight. The next morning they have an incredibly soft beard.

Comb Your Beard

Combing or brushing your beard will help your facial hair look nicer. This will also help to train your beard to go in the right direction. If you can get your beard hairs to straighten out, then you can get the look you want easier. A great choice with a killer case is the Hunter Jack comb.

Movies With A Bearded Keanu Reeves

John Wick

Embed from Getty Images

In the John Wick movies, Keanu plays a puppy loving badass with a cool beard style. When people think of iconic beards for Keanu, it is for his character in John Wick.

47 Ronin

Embed from Getty Images

In Ronin, his beard is very close to his John Wick character except that the lines are not quite as sharp. His hair is also much longer.


Embed from Getty Images

In Siberia, Keanu played as Lucas Ross who was a diamond merchant. He showed off his facial hair in the movie from 2018.

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